How to Find a Top Trademark Attorney in El Paso, Texas

How to Find a Top Trademark Attorney in El Paso, Texas

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Trademark Attorney Services for El Paso Businesses
We are a U.S. trademark law firm providing trademark registration services for clients in all states, including Texas.
TheTrademarkFirm Helps El Paso, Texas Businesses with Trademark and Brand Protection Legal Services.

PLEASE don’t waste your time and money building a brand around a name that you can’t protect! We see it all the time and it breaks our hearts. You can own the name of your product or service, dominate your market, and keep your competitors at bay. However, timing is everything. You need to know the lay of the land BEFORE you commit to a name and pour your heart and soul into building a brand around that name. Don’t delay – on average over 1200 trademark applications are filed every day, any one of which may impact your ability to protect your beloved name!

The Most Common Brand Protection Mistakes that El Paso, Texas Businesses Make When Selecting a Name for a New Product or Services.
Brand Protection Mistake #1: Don’t fall in love with a name for your new product or service until you know (a) whether it exposes you to potential risk, and (b) whether you can own the name for your products or services. The reality is that it is unlikely that your first choice of a name will be protect-able. This is why we offer “multi-shot” packages. Protection is key – it is an amateur mistake to fall in love with a name and to try to rationalize sticking with the name even though you may not be able to protect it. Think 5 years down the road, imagine that your new product or service has succeeded beyond your wildest expectations, and you guessed it – a competitor has just launched a competing product or services using a similar name. How mad will you be with read more your younger self for not going through a trademark protection process to ensure you have the tools in your tool belt to ensure you can take action.

Brand Protection Mistake #2: Don’t select a ho-hum name for your new product or service. A boring name that blends in with your competition is a huge mistake. While such names may be protect-able, the protection is often so narrow that it has no real teeth.

Trademark Lawyers in El Paso, Texas
El Paso is a hotbed of trademark activity! In the United States federally registered trademarks are governed by federal, and not state, law, so trademark law firms like ours, regardless of where in the country they may be located, practice the same law and are governed by the same rules. So while we are not located in El Paso, Texas, can offer the same exceptional service and low prices to clients all over the U.S. – and the world.

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